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BitFontCreator Pro 3.8

BitFontCreator Pro is a professional bitmap font creator tool
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BitFontCreator is the professional tool for embedded projects. This tool is very useful to create font for graphical LCDs. BitFontCreator imports the font that is installed in your PC running Windows and creates a C file for that font. This is available in Latin Edition and as Unicode Edition. BitFontCreator supports imports of all the fonts such as OpenType, TrueType, Adobe Type 1 and Raster fonts installed in the Windows PC. The software supports export of fonts only in the Latin Edition in the form of font sources (.fnt) and Windows bitmap font (.fon) BitFontCreator exports the C file inclusive of jump tables and bitmap data of every character. This also includes export of binary files such as bitmap data of all characters in binary format. This tool supports bitmap data of every format such as ASCII, Unicode encoding. BitFontCreator works seamlessly across varying bit length to support older systems ranging from 4 bits to 32 bits prevalent today. BitFontCreator consist of useful edit tools including pencil, eraser, line, rectangle, invert, shift, flip and marquee essential for Font creation. BitFontCreator can be installed in systems running operating systems like Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 or Vista.

Manoj Goel
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  • Easy to use
  • In built edit tools
  • Compatibility with older systems


  • Not a freeware
  • Font formats like .fnt, .fon are supported only in Latin Edition
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